Top 10 Squid Game Costumes You Can Buy on Aliexpress

Squid Game.

This TV series by Netflix needs no introduction.

Who hasn’t heard or watched the series?

The Squid Game TV series has arguably become the most popular TV series this year. And as with anything popular, a lot of things has been created from it. Including, costumes, phone cases, alarm clocks, online stores, communities and a lot more.

In this article, we will look into the top 10 Squid Game Costumes you can buy from Aliexpress.

Why Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a global online store where anybody can buy anything they want. And more so, Aliexpress is the place you can buy items at the lowest possible prices.

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So without further ado, lets get into the business of the day.

Top 10 Squid Game Costumes you Can Buy on Aliexpress

1. The Squid Game Masks and Jump Suits Sets

Squid Game Costumes

This particular seller on Aliexpress has all the masks, gloves and jump suits worn by the Squid Game boss and his soldiers and they are available for all sizes both for adults and children.

The material used in the costumes is polyester and the sets are as follows:

  • Set 1: 1 Red Costume+1 Belt+1 Gloves
  • Set 2: 1 Red Costume+1 Belt+1 Gloves+1 Square Mask
  • Set 3: 1 Red Costume+1 Belt+1 Gloves+1 Triangle Mask
  • Set 4: 1 Red Costume+1 Belt+1*Gloves+1 Round Mask
  • Set 5: 1 Black Costume+1 Gloves+1 Boss Mask

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2. Squid Game Masks

Squid Game Masks

If you are looking for just the Squid game masks, then this particular seller has you covered.

With over 1500 items sold already and with an average rating of 4.8, this is the best place to buy the squid game masks.

The seller has all the mask in the from the TV series including the circle mask, triangle mask, square mask and the boss mask. Some packages also come with Squid Game key chains at discounted prices.

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3. The Squid Game Merch Sweatshirts

Squid Game Sweatshirts

If you want to rep your favourite character, then this seller got you covered.

Here you will find all the sweatshirts from all the popular characters from the TV series such as the 001 (who appeared a harmless old man but was later revealed to be part of the villains), 456 (the main character of the series), 067 (the last surviving girl) and a lot more.

You can also add the sweatpants from the seller to the mix to make a complete outfit.

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4. The Squid Game Doll Costume

Squid Game Doll Costume

Red Light, Green Light.

Sounds familiar?

This is where it started. Where the game contestants got the reality of what is ahead of them.

You can get the costume of the doll that was calling the shots from this seller on Aliexpress. The costume is available for both adults and children and the doll’s mask is also available.

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5. Squid Game Face Mask

Squid Game Face Mask

Face mask has become an essential part of our daily life. Thanks to COVID-19.

You can make wearing of face mask fun for you by getting yourself one of these Squid Game face masks.

The face mask has a simple design featuring some of the most popular symbols and numbers from the Squid Game TV series shapes from the shape extracting game, key players numbers and more.

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6. The Squid Game Bracelet

The Squid Game Bracelet

If you are looking for something simple for the hand, then this one is for you.

A simple stainless steel and silicone bracelet for both men and women fans of the popular TV series. It feature a circumference of 23 cm which can be adjusted and has some of the popular symbols from the series engraved on it.

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7. The Squid Game Invitation Card

The Squid Game Invitation Card

Throwing a party? This could be a fun way to invite your friends to the party ;).

You can also use the card as a simple note card for personal use. The cards are exact replica of the invitation card used to invite players to the game in the series. You can have fun with it.

It comes in a pack of 10 pieces and measure 9 cm by 6 cm.

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8. The Squid Game T-shirt

The Squid Game T-shirt

Of course this list won’t be complete without featuring the green and white t-shirt worn in the TV series.

You can get a replica of the T-shirt worn by your favourite character in the series on Aliexpress and at an affordable price as well. The T-shirt is for both men and women and a good fit for summer casual outfit. The T-shirt is available for all the popular characters such as 456, 212, 001, 067, 240 etc. And there is a custom design featuring the 4 shapes from the shape scraping game. It is available in all sizes.

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9. The Squid Game Hoodie for Kids

The Squid Game Hoodie

This is a bit different from the rest of the items on this list.

While the items previously mentions here are a replica of what was used in the TV series, this is a regular hoodie featuring designs inspired by the Squid Game TV series.

It is available in multiple colours including White, Black, Yellow, Red, Pink and Gray. It will make a good gift your kid especially if they are a big fan of the series.

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10. Squid Game Keychain

The Squid Game Key Chain

If you are looking for something simple but still wants to show your enthusiasm for the series, then this keychain is for you. It is a simple keychain with the shape of the villains in the TV series including the boss. You can get any one that resonates with you on Aliexpress and the price is virtually nothing.

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And that concludes our list of top 10 The Squid Game costumes you can get on Aliexpress.

Which one is your favourite or which one have you purchased and why? Tell us in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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