Top 10 Trending Products on AliExpress for Week 52 of 2022

It is the last week of 2022 and on this episode of our top 10 trending products on AliExpress, we will bring you the top trending products on AliExpress for the week. These are products that are going viral and are being featured in many social media videos.

There are a lot of exciting products on our list for this week. So, without further ado, let’s find out what these products are and why they are the most popular this week.

Top 10 Trending Products on AliExpress for Week 51 of 2022

Non Slip Anti Skid Shoe Grip

It is no surprising that this product is one of the most popular products for the week given that we are in the snow season. We all know how difficult it can be to walk on an ice floor. This simple product is something you add to the bottom of your shoe to preventing it from slipping in the snow ice. It is simple to fit on and will fit into any type of shoe. It has a ground-gripping steel studs that offer excellent traction on ice or snow. If it snows heavily on your surroundings, you will definitely need a pair of this.


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2. Easy Install Auto-Dust Removal Screen Protector for iPhones

Easy Install Auto-Dust Removal Screen Protector for iPhones

Irritated by the bubbles that appears on your phone screen after placing a screen protector?

You may not know this but those bubbles are caused by small dust particles on the screen before placing the screen protector. Even after wiping the screen, small dust particles can still find their way to your phone screen just before you place the screen protector and this will create the bubbles you see.

This screen protector is the answer to that. It is quick and easy to install and anyone can do it. The dust film removes every dust on the surface of the phone while the cover prevents any other dust particle from making its way to the screen.


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3. Damaged Screw Extractor Dill Bit Set

Damaged Screw Extractor Dill Bit Set

This is a handy tool for every workman out there. We know the frustration that comes with washed or damaged screen that won’t come out. You can spend hours trying to figure out a way to remove the screw but this tool will help you do just that in few seconds.

It works with any drill and for any screw size. It is perfect for stripped, broken, stuck or damaged screws.


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4. Pop-out Card Holder

Pop-out Card Holder

Tired of scrambling all over the place for your cards when you need them? Then this Pop-out card holder might be just the thing you need. It gives you access to your card in a cool way. Just pull the button at the bottom and all your cards will pop out in a step-like fashion. The card holder is very lightweight that you will barely even notice you are carrying it. It also has a wallet feature for carrying a few notes.


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5. Sewing Thread Hook

Sewing Thread Hook

Are you spending valuable time trying to pass a thread through a needle? We know how frustrating and hard it can be.

This simple tool will save you plenty time. It simple as it can get and very much easy to use. All you have to do is to pass the hook through a needle eye and then hook a thread to it and pull to the other side. So, save your time and have peace of mind.


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6. Cyberpunk Nixie Tube Clock

Cyberpunk Nixie Tube Clock

This is a table clock like no other. It displays the time for you in a colorful IPS screen with a stylish font. The display is completely editable. You set your favorite font or add pictures. The clock will give your atmosphere a stylish and cheerful vibe. It is a cool gadget to have on your desk.


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7. Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector

Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector

Do you need a full keyboard but don’t want to be carrying around a full-size physical keyboard? This Laser keyboard projector will come in handy. It projects a full QWERTY keyboard for you whenever you need it and the good part is that it works for both Android, iOS, and Windows. it is very portable and weighs only 60g, making it great for on-the-go. You can easily connect it to your device via Bluetooth or via USB. The virtual keyboard also mean you don’t need to worry about keyboard noise in a quiet area.


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8. PopPuck Fidget Toy

PopPuck Fidget Toy

Need something to keep your fingers busy when you are bored or stressed? This colorful PopPuck fidget toy will come in handy. It is for both adults and kids and comes in either keychain or as a hand strap.


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9. Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 is the latest flagship in the Xiaomi fold smartphones. It is a folding smartphone that offers 6.56 inches FHD+ display when folded and 8.02 inches 2K display with 120Hz refresh rate when opened. The smartphone is as powerful as it can get with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor and 12GB RAM. You get 4500mAh battery with this one. The device comes in either 256GB, 512GB or 1TB internal storage. The Mix Fold 2 is equipped with 50/8/13MP triple main camera and a 20MP selfie camera. The Mix Fold 2 is as thin as it can get with only 5.4mm thickness when expanded and 11.2mm thickness when folded.


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10. Bedsheet Tucking Tool

Are you still making your bed the wrong way? Lifting that heavy mattress or straining your fingers to tuck in your bedsheet? Well, you don’t have to any more. This simple tool makes the whole process a piece of cake. It can lift and support the mattress while you make and it can be used to tuck in bedsheets as well. Giving you a neat and well dress bed.


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So, these are the top trending products on AliExpress for this week. We hope you found something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it here, and we look forward to seeing you next week for another product round up.

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