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Established in China and one of the leading online wholesale marketplaces, DHgate.com connects buyers with Chinese sellers who offer the same high-quality products at a fraction of the price. The site features over 30 million products, and buyers can find great prices on everything from wedding dresses to tablets. On the site, you can find offers on a wide range of products, including electronics, shoes, jewelry, watches, toys, and household goods. Many of these are made in China. In addition to these, the site also has a variety of other consumer goods such as sports goods, jewelry, and watches. Use sweet DHgate coupons and promo codes here to save big on your orders on DHgate.

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DHgate Reviews

Have you shopped at DHgate? What was your experience like? Help other know more about DHgate and make informed decisions by sharing your review of DHgate.

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 6 reviews

 by Kadee on DHgate
I have no complains

I have no complaints about using the DH gate, it has been a perfect experience so far. I have ordered multiple products and everything has been delivered on time and intact.

 by Bookie G on DHgate
Time for a law suit

It's time for a class action lawsuit or petition to have this scam stopped. If DHGate can't provide the necessary oversight to ensure that the transactions and delivery of goods are conducted properly then they don't need a business like this. Stores like Amazon doesn't do this. You people should stop patronizing his scammers!

 by Mel on DHgate
Order number 3430883578 Not Received

This is very shameful and offensive for the seller Cherilyn. I have tried to message the seller multiple times, but they have blocked me. I suspected that they blocked me due to the messages that have not been sent for several days. I just want my money back as I paid for the item and have not received it. If you want to know the truth about the issue, please check the system to see if it has blocked me. I have several pieces of evidence that will prove that I did not receive the order. This is very offensive and the seller should be held accountable for this.

 by Volkan Daldaban on DHgate
No refund after 3 months

Due to customs issues, my product was returned three months ago. There has been no refund, and the seller has not paid back the money. The have been using delay tactics on me and have not refunded my money for over 3 months now. Think twice before shopping with this people.

 by Ayoub on DHgate

I can easily find the football shirt that I want with the DHgate app and get them with my name on them and its discounted as well. The DHgate app has a lot of features and I love the way it works.

About DHgate

DHgate is an online B2B marketplace established in 2014 and has quickly become one of the leading online B2B marketplaces.

Unlike other platforms, such as Alibaba, which focus on sourcing products from China, this B2B online trading company mainly focuses on providing small wholesale orders to help online retailers. Products on the site are usually in stock and have clear requirements. Some of the high-value products that are available on the platform include jewelry and watches.

After you place an order and pay for the products, which you can see below, the platform will keep the money for you until the goods are delivered to you.

DHgate Order Process

Why are products on DHgate so cheap?

It is a known fact that China is for factory goods, producing most of the products that are shipped all around the world. Almost all of the sellers on DHgate.com are from China, and they offer a wide variety of products at a competitive price. These products are shipped directly from China without the need for a 2nd or 1st middle man.

It won't make sense to conclude that DHgate is unreliable by just simply looking at the cost of products sold on DHgate. For instance, if you are looking for a good quality USB cable, you can usually find it in China for around $1.5-$2, but you might need to spend $9 for the same model in your home country.

DHgate Products

The fact that you are buying these products directly from the manufacturers is the reason DHgate is able to off these products at a very cheap rate.

DHgate vs AliExpress

You may be wondering how is DHgate different from Aliexpress since they both offer products from China. Well, we will help you make it clear.

Although buyers can sometimes negotiate with sellers on Aliexpress, it mainly focuses on retailing. This means that if you're planning on buying products for your own use, then you can use Aliexpress. While DHgate sells wholesale.

Also, compared with DHgate, the user experience of Aliexpress is releatively better because it is a newer e-commerce platform and focuses on the end users and not on retailers.

Looking at it from a dropshipping perspective, AliExpress is better suited for dropshipping due to its wide variety of products. Some sellers who have overseas warehouses can provide a good experience for their customers. However, in recent years, there have been many changes in the market and you can find sellers offering dropshipping on DHgate, but it will still take you a considerable amount of time to find a reliable supplier willing to dropship at DHgate compare to Aliexpress.

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