All Your Questions About AliExpress Answered

AliExpress is one of the top online stores by number of monthly users and there have been arguments that AliExpress actually makes more sales than Amazon given that a number of retailers source their products from AliExpress.

AliExpress was founded in 2010 and it is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. The platform is the number one place that comes to mind when you think of a place to buy items at a very low price. In just a short time, AliExpress has out grown its competitor, out grown it’s competitor, making it the fastest growing e-commerce platform.

In this post will to answer all the questions you may have about AliExpress. You can use the quick navigation below to jump through questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About AliExpress

Are AliExpress reviews real?

Yes, the reviews on AliExpress product pages are real and are from real users who have bought the product. You can only leave review on AliExpress products after you purchase the product. Like quite reviews about AliExpress on review websites like Trustpilot are mostly reviews by people who have has an experience with AliExpress. You can learn more about AliExpress reviews here.

Are AliExpress and Alibaba the same?

No. AliExpress is not the same with Alibaba. Although AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba, but the offer different services. While AliExpress sells directly to customers, Alibaba sells to wholesalers and retailers. More details on that here.

Are AliExpress clothes good?

Yes, AliExpress clothes are good if you buy from the right seller. AliExpress is a marketplace with many sellers, selling different items. You can find sellers who sell quality clothes at good prices on AliExpress. You can learn more about AliExpress clothes here.

Are AliExpress products real?

AliExpress products are as real as it can get. Like we already mentioned, AliExpress consist of different sellers selling different products. The trick is finding trust worthy sellers. A quick way to do this is to check sellers rating and reviews.

AliExpress seller rating

Another way is to check product reviews.

Are AliExpress wigs good?

Yes, you can find good wigs on AliExpress. That is not to say that all the wigs available on AliExpress are good. A quick way to spot good wigs on AliExpress is to check for wigs that has a lot purchase and good reviews. Preferably with an average rating of 4.5 or more.

Are AliExpress clothes safe?

Yes, it is safe to buy clothes on AliExpress. Just make sure to pay attention to product description and dimension so you don’t make the mistake of buying what you didn’t intend to buy.

Are AliExpress products good quality?

You will find good quality products on AliExpress as well as not-so-good quality products. Remember that AliExpress is a marketplace with different sellers. The trick is being able to spot good quality products. One way to do this is to check the products reviews and rating. What are other people who have purchased the product saying about it?

Are AliExpress shoes good?

Yes, you can find good quality shoes on AliExpress. Not all products are made the same. Likewise, not all shoes are made the same. You just have to take your time with your shopping on AliExpress, keeping in mind sellers rating and the product reviews.

Can AliExpress be trusted?

Yes. AliExpress can be trusted. AliExpress is a big brand with millions on monthly shoppers. AliExpress also has buyer’s protection in place to make sure that their platform is safe for their buyers.

Can AliExpress ship to USA?

Yes, AliExpress ships to USA through many of the shipping methods available on their platform with most popular shipping methods to the USA being ePacket and the Standard shipping method.

Can AliExpress ship to Amazon?

If you mean as an Amazon seller and you want AliExpress to ship your goods directly to Amazon fulfilment center, then yes, provided that it is a verifiable address where package can be sent.

Can AliExpress ship faster?

Yes, AliExpress can ship faster depending on the shipping method you selected during your order. AliExpress has a number of shipping methods with some being faster than the others but equally more expensive. Although this largely depends on the seller offering those shipping methods. Some of the fastest shipping methods available on AliExpress include DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS, ePacket and AliExpress premium shipping.

Can AliExpress seller cancel order?

It is possible for AliExpress seller to cancel an order if the seller is unable to fulfill the order. But the seller has the obligation to notify of this or request you cancel the order yourself.

Can AliExpress ship to Philippines?

Yes, AliExpress can, and ships to Philippines.

Can AliExpress ship to India?

No. AliExpress is currently banned in India by the Indian government which makes it difficult for AliExpress to ship products to India.

How AliExpress works?

AliExpress is a marketplace and it works by connecting sellers to buyers worldwide. Sellers from different countries can list their products for sell on AliExpress and anybody with internet connection anywhere in the world can buy directly from them and have the item shipped to their doorstep.

How AliExpress shipping works?

When you place an order on AliExpress, the seller packages your order and gets it ready for shipment. The seller then ships your order using the shipping method you have selected. If you have selected AliExpress standard shipping method, the seller will first ship your order to AliExpress. Then AliExpress takes the responsibility of delivering the item to you. AliExpress will also provide you with tracking number when your order has been shipped if the shipping method is a trackable one.

How AliExpress dropshipping works?

AliExpress dropshipping works in this simple way:

  • You create your ecommerce website,
  • find products you would like to sell from AliExpress,
  • add these products to your online store,
  • set your own price (something higher than the price on AliExpress so you can make profit),
  • once your customer places an order from your online store, you send the other to the seller on AliExpress who then sends directly to your customer.

You can learn more about dropshipping and how it works here.

How AliExpress deliver products?

AliExpress deliver products through a number of shipping services available at its disposal. These shipping methods include AliExpress Standard Shipping, DHL, FedEx, EMS, ePacket, etc.

How AliExpress refund money?

In case you cancel your order and needs to get a refund, AliExpress will refund you through the means with which you have made the payment. That is, if you paid through credit card, the refund will be sent back to the credit card, if you paid through PayPal, the refund will be sent to the same PayPal wallet and so one.

How AliExpress makes money?

AliExpress makes money by charging seller on AliExpress a percentage of the sell value they make. This is similar to the way platforms like Amazon and other e-commerce marketplace make money. Sellers pay AliExpress some percentage of the sells they make.

How AliExpress standard shipping works?

AliExpress standard shipping is the most common shipping method on AliExpress. It is also often the option used for free shipping. How it works is that the seller sends your order to AliExpress and then AliExpress will now take the responsibility of delivering the product to you. They achieve this through their partnership with different post services which include Nippon, China post, Singapore post, etc.

How AliExpress deliver products in Pakistan?

AliExpress deliver products in Pakistan through the AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Premium Shipping, in collaboration with Pakistan Post.

What’s AliExpress shipping?

AliExpress shipping is the one-stop shipping solution offered officially by Cainiao Network and AliExpress. It is a cross-border logistics service that includes a variety of services such as last-mile pickup, consolidation, international line-haul, custom clearance, and first-mile pickup. It also provides global tracking service, customer service, logistics dispute resolution service, and platform guaranteed compensation service.

What is ePacket AliExpress?

ePacket AliExpress is a shipping option provided by a third-party logistics providers (3PL) in China and Hong Kong. It is one of the fastest and affordable AliExpress shipping method especially for orders shipped to USA.

What’s AliExpress like?

AliExpress is a market place, like your local marketplace, but only that this time it is online. AliExpress connects sellers to buyers worldwide. Enabling you to buy anything you need at a very low price.

What’s AliExpress phone number?

AliExpress does not have a hotline of its own but you can reach their headquarter through their parent company Alibaba’s hot line: (+86)571-8502-2088

What is AliExpress combined delivery?

AliExpress combined delivery is the situation whereby AliExpress combines all your order into one package and deliver all once in a single package.

What to buy on AliExpress?

There are actually many things you can buy on AliExpress. AliExpress has millions of products with many product categories which includes fashion, electronics, gadgets, home appliances, tools, electrical components, furniture, etc. You can use the AliExpress search function to easily find something you are looking for.

When AliExpress sale?

AliExpress holds four major sales every year and that includes AliExpress Anniversary sale (held in March), Brand Shopping Week (August), 11.11 Sale (November) and the Black Friday sale (November). AliExpress also hold other sales apart from the ones mentioned above every year. You can find all the AliExpress sale schedules for the year here.

When AliExpress ban will be lifted?

AliExpress continually update its users about any ban on the platform through their website. All update regarding AliExpress ban can be found here.

When AliExpress will start shipping?

AliExpress orders are shipped within 2 to 7 business days after you place your order.

When AliExpress banned in India?

The AliExpress shopping app was reportedly banned in India in November 2020 together with other 43 Chinese apps. The ban has continued to remain in place up till now.

AliExpress when to open dispute?

You can open dispute on AliExpress when you have tried to reason with the seller and the seller is not cooperating or responding. You can learn how to open dispute on AliExpress here.

Where is AliExpress located?

AliExpress has their head office in China. Their full address is as follows:

  • Alibaba Co, Ltd, 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou 311121, China

AliExpress where is my order?

Once you place your order on AliExpress, the seller has the responsibility of shipping your order as soon as possible. So, your order is most like on the way to you. However, if after 60 days and your order didn’t arrive, you can open a dispute and AliExpress will issue you a full refund.

Where to enter promo code on AliExpress?

You will see the option to enter your AliExpress promo code at the checkout summary section. You this section, you will see the part that says “Promo Code” and “Enter code here“. Paste your AliExpress promo code here to get discount on your order.

AliExpress where to enter promo code

Where does AliExpress ship from?

Most goods on AliExpress are shipped from China. However, AliExpress has warehouses in many other locations including Spain, Russia, USA, Turkey, Australia, France, Germany, Poland and Brazil. So, depending on your location and the item you are buying, your order may be shipped from a location near you other than China.

AliExpress where is my refund?

AliExpress will issue refund within 2 to 7 business days after your order has been canceled or if you returned the item you bought. The refund will be sent to you through the means you used in making the payment. So, in other to find you AliExpress refund, the first place to look is the balance history of your means of payment. If after 7 business days and you can’t still find you refund, you can contact AliExpress to inquire.

Where does AliExpress deliver to?

AliExpress ships to all countries except for some very few.

Why is AliExpress so cheap?

AliExpress is so ship because they are connecting manufactures or large-scale suppliers direct to consumer. And these manufactures and suppliers are mostly from China which is known as a place to find cheap products.

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